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Purging Compounds

Plastic Solutions International, LLC is the manufacturer of the PURGE RIGHT® and PURGE CLEAR® brands of purging compounds.
The idea to develop PURGE RIGHT® began because of a need so many customers had.  They were looking for better ways to purge polyester and polypropylene. After development started and that problem was solved, we ran many more trials and the formulation changed to include purging processes for many other resins and temperatures. This year marks the 40th Anniversary of that original formulation. Our team has over 50 years of experience in the plastics and purging compounds industry.

The PURGE RIGHT® line currently has three products:

Purge Right® PR-5000

This product was formulated with the processor in mind by including a combination of different chemical agents to cover any resin from 340⁰F to 610⁰F and all process types of equipment. This product works well for blow molding and film manufacturers.

Purge Right® PR-6000

This product is the workhorse of the product line. It also covers any resin from 340⁰F to 610⁰F and all process types of equipment. It works well with injection molding and plastic extrusion products.

Purge Right® PR-6000M

This is our Military Grade. Formulated for the really tough to clean resins, this purging compound has extra cleaning power.

The PURGE CLEAR® line has several products

Some of our customers, who were already happy with our purging compounds, asked for an option for clear purging.  PURGE CLEAR®, the first true clear purging compound, was created.  The PURGE CLEAR® line started out as just one base resin material.  It was so successful at purging clear resins, other base resins were requested.

the most popular are:


This product is formulated specifically to eliminate cloudiness, streaking, black specs and hazing in clear applications. It utilizes a water clear polycarbonate carrier.


This product was developed when a customer that produces headlights wanted an acrylic carrier. A new formulation was developed for them and, after perfecting it, was sampled to other customers with successful results. This is the only acrylic purging compound currently on the market.

Coming Soon

We currently have several other purging compound formulations we are in trials with and look to release soon.

Applications for using PURGE RIGHT® and PURGE CLEAR® purging compounds.

We are the most cost-effective and efficient purging compound for cleaning screws, barrels and hot runners.

Purging Compounds for Blow Molding

Purge Right® PR-5000 was specifically formulated to clean blow molding machines with or without accumulators. It uses a combination of unique expanding agents that allow it to reach all “dead spots” inside the accumulators and the extruder.

Purging Compounds for Injection Molding

Both the Purge Right® PR-6000 and Purge Right® PR-6000M are excellent for purging injection molding machines. They effectively clean screws, barrels and hot runners.  This minimizes down time during color changes and in removing black specks.

Purging Compounds for Extrusion

All of the Purge Right® purging compounds can be used in extrusion applications. There are several factors based on the extruder design and material used that can determine which purge will be best to clean the extruder’s barrel, screw and head.

Purging Compounds for Clear Injection Molding Applications

Both PURGE CLEAR® PRC-7000 and PURGE CLEAR® PRC-8000 are formulated to clean injection molding machines running clear resins. They efficiently clean all parts of the machine, hot runners, barrels and screws.  By using a clear purging compound in clear applications, you can get the streaks and black specs removed faster and be back in production faster. Using a colored purging compound to clean clear applications is clearly not efficient.

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