Start up and Shut down Procedures for Current Production Runs

Purging Compound Start Up and Shut Down Procedures for Current Production Runs

Safety Procedures:

  1. Always follow safety procedures before performing start up or shut down on” ANY” material . It is the machine operator’s responsibility to wear the appropriate protective equipment such as gloves and safety shields.
  2. Cover the sprue bushing before purging.
  3. Make sure all nozzle band wires are clear of direction of purge flow before starting.

Start up and Shut Down Procedures:

  1. Retract injection unit and begin purging your production material out using maximum back pressure.
  2. Load at least one full shot of Purge Right and drop the back pressure until the screw returns.
  3. Allow the barrel full of Purge Right to soak for 3-5 minutes before emptying for optimum results.
  4. Purge the screw forward and add maximum back pressure until barrel is empty.
  5. Completely shut the machine down and turn off the heats.
  6. To start back up, turn your power and heats back on.
  7. Once heats are at production level, load one shot of Purge Right followed by production material and begin purging. You will see a little contamination in the beginning.