Preventive Scrap and Contamination Costs


Preventing Scrap and Contamination Costs with Purge Right Purging Compounds


After more than 40 years in the thermoplastics industry, our experience has shown that many companies are running into the same issues regarding the use of purging compounds, or lack thereof. It is essential to include a purging procedure as part of your regularly scheduled maintenance program. When this isn’t done or is done incorrectly, the following concerns come up time after time:


    • Companies only invest in purging compounds AFTER problems occur, leading to costly production downtime and excessive product rejects. 

    • Companies do not have, or do not follow, proper start-up and shut down procedures. 

    • A lack of knowledge regarding the reasons contamination would occur in the first place. 

    • Contamination prevention is not a priority. 

    • The TRUE scrap costs are not understood in regards to material, labor, lost production time, regrinding, and more. 

    • Nearly all contamination and degradation problems occur during idle time.


Many companies, which usually would just run the next resin through the processor, find themselves comparing the price of purging compounds to the price of resins – but that is an unequal comparison. If you take into account lost production time, materials, waste, and labor costs you’ll find that an incredible amount of money can be saved by utilizing Purge Right’s purging compounds and purging compound procedures. 

Additionally, by using Purge Right purging products, you can avoid unnecessary degradation and contamination of your processors from the prolonged presence of resins in the machine. This will lead to fewer defects and overall, more efficient production.

Plastic Solutions International and Purge Right are dedicated to providing the best and most cost-effective purging compounds and solutions for the thermoplastics industry. We can save you time and money too! Let Purge Right help you reduce your scrap rate ratio. Take into consideration the following scrap and contamination cost-saving opportunities:


    • The machine cost and overall time to mold a defective part. 

    • The cost of employee’s labor at the machine or secondary inspection. 

    • The cost of scraping defects, or grinding and storage. 

    • The cost of returns, and their effects on future sales. 


Purge Right purging compounds have a temperature range of 340°F to 610°F. This wide temperature range eliminates the need to stock a different purging compound for every resin.

Purge Right is the most cost-effective purging compound on the market today, bar none. If you know of a more cost-effective purging compound, please contact us to let us know!

If you follow Purge Right’s recommendations for start-up and shut down procedures and Purging Compound Procedures, you will see a reduction in scrap and a better bottom line for your company!