R & D

Here at Plastic Solutions International LLC. our research and development team has a vast and diversified background in Plastics, Chemicals, Manufacturing, and Equipment Specifications. Our two senior directors are both well established in their chosen industries, one having a plastic background spanning over 35 years and the other having a career of over 50 years in the Chemical, Petro Chemical and Phosphate Industry.
Our R&D staff has previously been employed by or done consulting for such companies as Westvaco – Mead, Custom Chemicals Corp., Bariod, GAF, Ampacet, IBM, Compaq Computer, Ford, and GM just to name a few. We have had numerous questions and requests for clear purging compounds for different products and processes, in response to that need are currently developing several new clear purging compounds. Our goal is to develop a better product than is currently available on the market and at a more competitive cost.