Plastic Solutions International produces purging compounds for the plastics industry. The purging compound brand we produce is called Purge Right. Our original line of Purge Right products were basic. There was a grade of Purge Right for blow molding and film production and another grade for extrusion and injection molding. Both of these grades proved to be very effective and cost efficient for our growing customer base. Our goal was to produce a purging compound that would help our customers transition their color changes and material changes faster and reduce or eliminate black specks and color streaking. Our products also aid in routine maintenance, preventative maintenance and machine shutdown/start-up.

Not long after beginning to sell the two main grades of Purge Right, we started getting calls asking for a purge for clear applications. We tried several combinations and finally a clear purge was designed using a poly-carbonate base with our proprietary active ingredients added. We named this purge simply Purge Clear. The naming part was much easier than the formulation determination.

We have expanded our product line to accomodate customers who use various applications for their manufacturing. Our products are used in the manufacture of everything from car headlights , cell phone covers, 5-gallon buckets, clear and colored plastic tubing, milk crates, water bottles, condiment bottles, plastic gaylord containers, underwater bar stools and automotive parts.

Currently our service areas include the U.S.A., Mexico and Canada. We have plans to expand into Costa Rica and Puerto Rico and then into other countries that can benefit from our Purge Right purging compounds.

Plastic Solutions International was conceived with green ideas in mind. Our original products were not only very effective and cost efficient but in many applications they were also reusable. Many of the purging compounds on the market today cannot be recycled. By design, our products can often be reground and recycled into another product. All of our inbound waste is recycled, and all of our outbound shipping materials are recyclable. We place stickers on our shipping boxes that recommend recycling the cardboard boxes.

Plastic Solutions International believes strongly in saving trees and our planet. With a 99% efficiency rate, we produce less than one garbage bag of landfill bound trash a month. We are also civic minded and donate to our local organizations and charities. We all live on the same planet, let’s keep it alive!

We are seeing more customer inquiries every day. Looking forward, we are also developing more specialty products to meet our customers requests for specific applications. Once the new products are tried and tested, we will be adding them to our product line up. We are also currently working with our preferred carrier, FedEx, to come up with more cost efficient ways to ship to the west coast states.