With several purging compounds to choose from, you should know that purging compounds work in several different ways. Some clean through a physical action that uses added materials to scrub the inner surfaces of expensive injection and blowing molders. Commonly used additives are calcium, glass fiber, and talc. While sometimes needed for harder to clean tasks such as excessive carbon buildup or liquid color, over time this could cause unnecessary wear on your equipment that could lead to damage in the long run! These type of compounds do not always dissolve and eliminate color, so you may still have residual contamination showing as black specks in your final product.

Other compounds work chemically to melt residual resins and clear colors out between production set ups. These heat-activated chemical purging compounds are generally sold in pellet form and are available in several grades. Many purging compound suppliers use different formulas targeted at specific equipment or resins. You may see some formulations listed as grades for different types of processes or specified to equipment such as hot runner manifolds. In addition, many suppliers offer both low and high temperature resin purge compounds requiring you to buy several types of products to clean your equipment.

Purge Right purging compounds are a unique formulation that uses both chemical and mechanical purging action. We use a unique proprietary chemical agent with a modified polypropylene carrier. This unique formula allows you to use less compound to quickly and easily clean all your injection and blow molding equipment. Using Purge Right regularly to maintain your equipment when changing colors or resins will dramatically decrease down time needed for manual cleaning and result is a better end product. We also have a glass fiber option for older equipment or tougher cleaning jobs.

While traditional mechanical purging is not appropriate on its own for challenging purging tasks and chemical purging compounds can often be more expensive and more complex to use, by combining the best of both of these options into one highly efficient product, we eliminate much of the guesswork and frustration you may have experienced with other purging compound options. You may be surprised to learn that you can use less of our Purge Right compounds than you do when using products from other purge compound suppliers and also obtain much better results in your final product. A good way to see for yourself the savings that may be possible, when you investigate the costs of purging products, don’t jump to the conclusion that a lower cost per pound is a better bargain. Instead compare cost per purge rather than cost per pound. If you pay less for some other purging compound but it requires more compound per purge to effectively clean your equipment, you may be losing money without realizing it. Although some suppliers may try to convince you otherwise, it is not true that all purging compounds are created equal!

Unlike other purging compound suppliers that require you to purchase multiple products for different equipment, applications or temperatures, you can purchase a single Purge Right product that efficiently cleans in temperature ranges between 340o F to 610o F with no grade changes needed. By using unique modified carriers, Purge Right can safely and efficiently be used on hot runner manifolds and any other molding equipment. With a single product to purchase, you will see immediate savings in purging compound costs. You can safely use Purge Right in all applications. All ingredients in our Purging Compounds are Generally Recognized as Safe (GRAS) by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

If you have tried purging compounds in the past and have decided after poor results that purging compounds don’t work, it may be because you were given inaccurate or incomplete information from your supplier. You may have been sold a product that was not designed for your equipment or applications. Or, due to lack of information, you used the purging compound to solve a problem it was not designed to address. All purging compounds work best when used in a preventative maintenance plan to control and prevent the carbon build up that can lead to contamination. Waiting until there is an obvious severe contamination risk damages expensive equipment and naturally leads to long periods of down time in order to hand-clean parts or replace equipment. Purging compounds work best at shutdown or at the first sign of contamination or degradation issues. A top quality purging compound such as Purge Right is essential in keeping your molding equipment running smoothly and efficiently. Our professional representatives are always ready to answer any questions and help you choose the right product for your applications and equipment.