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PR-5000 and PR-6000 are our Purge Right Series

What are the different types of commercial compounds available today?
The two most common are:
Chemical: Heat activated chemical agent that most often comes in pellet form.
Mechanical: An additive used for additional scrubbing for harder to clean applications such as liquid color or carbon build up. Typical additives used are glass fiber, calcium, and talc.

There are also some hybrid purge compounds, where you have heat activated chemical agents are combined with mechanical additives to give you the best results of both worlds in purging.

What type is Purge Right?
Purge Right is a hybrid purge compound, it contains both chemical and mechanical purging compound. All of our compounds utilize a modified polypropylene carrier that is used for the mechanical function and a proprietary chemical agent. PR 6000 also includes another scrubbing additive for tougher cleaning jobs like using liquid color and equipment that has worn out screw and barrel components and deadspots. We also offer custom blends if you have specific needs.

Why do other purging compound suppliers offer so many different grades?
Most target specific resins or equipment by making changes to their formula. They offer grade options such as low temperature resin purge, high temperature resin purge, and grades for hot runner manifolds and type of processes used. It also allows them to sell you more product.

What makes Purge Right different from them?
Our most important difference is we use 4 different temperature chemical agents in our products meaning you can process from 340F to 610F without having to change grades. We also use 2 agents to do the mechanical part of the cleaning so you get the job done faster. All Purge Right products contain modified carriers instead of just more filler carriers in our competitions purging companies. All grades can be processed on any type of equipment including hot runner manifolds.

Why does Purge Right use Polypropylene as a carrier?
As a rule, the 3 most common carriers are styrenics , polyethylene and polypropylene. All are good sources, but styrenics could actually be a source for black specks at certain temperatures and polyethylene is limited at its effectiveness at higher temperatures. Purge Right selected a modified polypropylene because of its heat stability and higher range in temperatures resulting in a more stable purging agent.

What type of process equipment can Purge Right be used on?
All Purge Right grades can be used on the following without changing grades :
All types of injection molding machines including molds with hot runner manifolds.
All types of blow molding machines including ones with or without accumulators.
All types of extrusion equipment with or without accumulators for sheet, profile, film and compounding.

Can Purge Right be used on hot runner molds?
Yes, all grades can be purged thru open molds or you can mold Purge Right.

How much Purge Right is needed to clean the screw and barrel?
2-3 times the shot size as a rule. There are exceptions like using liquid color or worn out screw and barrel components. Utilizing our startup and shut down procedures will also reduce the time and amount of purge needed and improve your scrap rate.

Is Purge Right available in concentrate form?
No, unlike other suppliers who offer one concentrate, we mix 3 different chemical agents to cover a broader heat range and we also use 2 agents to do the mechanical part of the cleaning . These components are also most effective when they are in our pre-mixed modified polypropylene carrier.