Purging Procedures: Hot Runner/ Open Mold

Purging Compound Procedures for Hot Runner and Open Mold

Safety Procedures:

  1. Always follow safety procedures from machine manufacture manual such as safety shields, gloves.
  2. Check with your hot runner supplier to insure the system can be purged through with the mold open without causing damage.
  3. Protect the “B” half of the mold so that pins and polish doesn’t come into contact with hot extruded purge.
  4. A minimum of a .030 gate is required for proper purging hot runner in open position.

Purging Procedures: Hot Runner/ Open Mold

  1. Refer to purging procedure on standard or vented barrel. Steps 1-8 need to be completed before attempting to purge the hot runner.
  2. Protect the “B” half of the tool as noted on safety procedures #3 above.
  3. Make sure the nozzle and sprue bushing are clean of molten plastic.
  4. Move the Injection unit forward until it seats with the mold.
  5. With the injection unit at full capacity with Purge Right begin purging through the open mold until it’s a white to clear and clean.
  6. Retract the injection unit and follow purging procedures 9-11 for purging Purge Right out of the barrel and prepare for next resin.
  7. Proceed with your set up for next production resin.

Purging Procedure: Hot Runner/ Closed Mold

  1. Follow same safety procedures above. #1 and #4 on minimum gate size.
  2. Refer to purging procedures on standard or vented barrel. Steps 1-8 need to be completed before attempting to mold Purge Right in the hot runner.
  3. Begin molding parts with Purge Right until all parts are clean.

Other Helpful Tips:

  1. It may be necessary to raise manifold and tip temperature by 50F to 80F, consider operating temps for resin to be removed and Purge Right.
  2. Purge Right can be safely processed from 360F -600F. Ideal temps are 410F-460F.
  3. For extreme contamination such as carbon, liquid color or highly loaded pigments in colorants you may consider using a HDPE or PP to pre-purge prior to using Purge Right.
  4. One of our glass grades may also be considered, consult with our technical team.