Purge Right® PR-5000 Purging Compound

Purge Right® PR-5000 Purging Compound features a mechanical cleaning and a chemical cleaning action. It is our best selling product for injection molding with hot runner manifolds , blow molding and all types of extrusion processes .

Purge Right™ PR-5000 was formulated with the processor in mind by including 4 different chemical agents to cover any resin from 340F to 610F and all process types of equipment. By covering such a large number of resins, processes and temperatures we have eliminated the need to stock several different grades of purging compound on the floor, like many other purging compound producers suggest. This will save your company money and time that could better utilized elsewhere.

When using Purge Right™ PR-5000 and Purge Right™ PR-6000 customers are experiencing a reduction of 60% to 80% in down time and a 40% to 50% reduction in scrap. Making better use of time and resources can make a BIG difference in your bottom line!


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Purge Right™ PR-5000 uses a modified PP carrier with our proprietary
FDA/GRAS formulation.


SDS Sheets available upon request.

Available in  50 lb., 100 lb. boxes, 250 pound drums and 1500 lb. gaylords.