Purging Compounds for Blow Molding

If you are looking for commercial purging compounds for your blow molding equipment’s cleaning processes – Purge Right PR-5000 is our most effective product for you. Featuring both mechanical and chemical purge action, Purge Right PR-5000 is our best selling purging product for purging extrusion blow molding, injection molding, film insert molding and other types of blow molding machines. 

With a temperature range of 360° to 610°  Purge Right PR-5000 is scientifically formulated to safely and efficiently remove carbon buildup and black specs from the blow-molded plastic parts. With this purging compound, our customers have experienced a 40%-50% reduction in blow molding part scrap when using Purge Right PR-5000 for their manufacturing process. This can dramatically improve your bottom line and extend the life of the machine. 

With Purge Right PR-5000, we have helped our customers see a reduction of 60% to 80% in downtime for their blow molding processes. This can save an incredible amount of money in a short period of time, and allow you to continue with high volumes of production. Check out our breakdown of Preventive Scrap and Contamination Costs to get a full appreciation of the benefits of using Purge Right’s purging compounds and as part of a regular maintenance schedule.

Also, be sure to visit our Purging Compound Procedures page to get easy to follow, step by step instructions for your purging procedure.