Purge Right® Clear PRC-8000 Purging Compound

Clear Purging Compound PURGE CLEAR® PRC-8000 is our newest product line that is specifically designed for clear applications such as automotive headlight and tail light production. PRC-8000 uses a water clear carrier for eliminating cloudiness, black specks, and hazing.

Clear Purging Compound PURGE CLEAR® PRC-8000 is formulated, specifically to eliminate cloudiness, streaking, black specs and hazing in clear applications.

Most commercial purging compounds use an olefin or styrenic based carrier that in most cases are either opaque or white in color. Common sense says why would you introduce color when your objective is getting to a clear product as fast as possible.

Purge Right® PRC-8000 uses a modified, water clear carrier polycarbonate and a proprietary chemical agent to remove carbonized and residual contamination on injection molding, extrusion, and blow molding equipment.

Typical applications include automotive headlights and tail lights.

We also produce several other specialty CLEAR Purge Products made specifically for different applications.

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