Why Should You Use Purge Right®?

Whether you are a small custom molder, a plastic recycler or a conglomerate color concentrater you need the power of Purge Right. In todays very competitive plastic market you need every advantage you can get. Using a commercial purge compound like Purge Right is one step that is very easy to take.

What is your customer acquisition cost? In today’s competitive market losing a customer can be very expensive, you spent a fortune on ads and finding your customers, keeping them is of paramount importance! Specks, off color streaks, and other contamination can have customers looking for a new company to make their products. Don’t let this happen to your company.

Are you losing valuable production time and money using resin to purge your machines?
Purge Right can show you how to avoid these losses.

Can your company afford downtime?
What does it really cost?
Can you put a value on  lost opportunity?

Does your company spend several shifts every month to complete a color/material changeover?
Purge Right can show you how to improve your changeover and make it much faster!

Purge Right can show you how to get up and running faster helping to minimize lost opportunities and downtime .

Purge Right series proven purging formula might just be worth a fortune to your company and your customers.  Quality and service aren’t everything in today’s marketplace, they are the only things!
Purge Right can show you the right way to purge!

When Should You Use Purge Right?

Anytime you have:

  • Color changes
  • Color/Material streaking
  • Contamination
  • Material changes
  • Black specking
  • Routine maintenance
  • Preventative maintenance
  • Machine shutdowns/start-up

Some more benefits of Purge Right:

Easy to Use
Purge Right is delivered ready to use. No mixing or soaking needed.  Purge Right is introduced at the processing temperature. There is no need to adjust the machines.

Purge Right is very effective, only a small amount is needed to purge quickly and completely.   Since Purge Right has a very long shelf life.

Minimize Downtime and Reduce Scrap
Purge Right cleans on the first purge, minimizing machine downtime to maximize your productivity. This also reduces plastic scrap, so you do not waste expensive resin.

Versatile Application
Purge Right PR 5000 and PR 6000 cover nearly all processes and resins between 360° F and 610° F. There is no need  for a variety of formulations to match specific your requirements, Purge Right is ready to use for injection molding, extrusion, and blow molding machine processes.

Safe to Use
Purge Right does not cause wear on plastic processing machinery. It is safe. It is operator friendly and safe for disposal. It can also be recycled in many applications.

Product Availability 
Purge Right is available for shipment anytime you need it.

Customer Support 
As a Purge Right customer, you are our first priority. We strive to have excellent customer service and treat you like we would all like to be treated at all times.