Purging Compound Procedures and Safety Precautions

How to Use Our Purging Compound Products Safely and Effectively

Purge Right’s commercial purging compounds will drastically reduce costly production downtime and unnecessary rejects. Our purging compounds should be a part of any scheduled maintenance program. However, it is important to follow the correct purging procedures and safety precautions in order to get the best use of Purge Right’s purging compound products. For the benefit of our customers, we have developed step by step purging compound procedures that are easy to follow and full of valuable tips, such as the best practices for start-up and shut down procedures.

In the thermoplastics processing industry, we know it is important to use the right products to achieve the best results. Purge Right’s purging compound and purging procedures will efficiently clean a wide range of molding machines and extruders during color and material changes. As explained in our Preventative Scrap and Contamination Cost breakdown, nearly all contamination and degradation problems take place during idle time. In many cases, the true scrap cost is not fully taken into account in regards to material, labor, and lost production time.

Purge Right’s specific purging procedures are developed to provide the most efficient cleaning process for your plastic processors. These include plastic processing systems like hot runner systems, screws and barrels, extruders, and other thermoplastic processing machines. 

For your benefit Purge Right has provided the purging compound procedures for the following processes. Simply click on the links below to review detailed step by step instructions and helpful tips:

If your molding procedure is not included in the above list, please reach out to our helpful support staff. We will be happy to provide the specific purging compound procedure for your needs. Please visit our Contact Us page for all of our contact information.