The producer of Purge Right™ purging compounds. Here at Plastic Solutions International LLC. our fundamental objective is to provide our customers with the most effective purging compounds on the market today. With our competitive pricing and excellent products we can help your company become more competitive in todays plastic market.

With over 50 years of experience in developing purging compounds, chemical additives and cleaning techniques, our products are formulated to solve your purging problems.
When all the other purging compound companies were complicating the purging process with lots of grades and products, we saw a great need for simplification in the purging process.

Our company did just that, we have simplified the choice for processors on which purge compound is the RIGHT purging compound for your applications, equipment and industry . Our current product line eliminates the need to stock several grades as the other purging compound suppliers suggest.

Purge Right is a specially formulated proven product that works effectively on “all processes, all colors, and all resins within a temperature range 340°F to 610°F including hot runner manifolds.
Our formulas have a 14 year history of proven success, solving everyday issues such as streaking, black specks, hazing, cloudiness, degradation and carbon build up. By doing so we can help you eliminate scrap and rejects.

We have many positive customer feedback and testimonials from all over the world.